• Located in Babylon Province – 60 KM southern Baghdad
  • Total area of 30,000 m2
  • Manufacture passenger cars
  • Cover the local market needs
  • Employing more than 750 jobs as direct employees.
  • Created around 5000 vacancies to local residents such as indirect manufacturers, restaurants, and workshops, etc.
  • Annual production capacity of 30,000 cars
  • Activating the local plants
  1. Battery factory
  2. Tires factory
  3. Oils factory
  4. Plastic factory

This KD factory includes a quality control line in order to maintain the quality assigned by the supplier.

The future plan of this manufacturing side of the group is to expand another KD line which includes painting shop, manufacture more parts locally, and produce Environment friendly Eco drive cars including Electric and gas running vehicles.

Factory Process

  • 3 Stages with 27 stations.
  • It Includes 3 test lines with 7 QC stations

Stage 1: Chassis Line

Stage 2: Trim Stage (7 Stations)

Stage 3: Engine Assembly Line

Test Line 1: (5 Stations)

Test Line 2: Shower Test Line

Test Line 3: Final test area in addition to road test

Ready for Delivery

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  • Located in Babylon Province 60 KM southern Baghdad
  • Total area of 11,000 m ²
  • Manufacture passenger cars
  • Production Capacity 25,000 cars
  • Cover the local market needs
  • 3 Stages with 22 stations
  • 2 test lines with 5 QC Stations 

Test 1: Shower Test

Test 2: Road Test

Ready for Delivery


Al-Sadeq Group appointed as the exclusive distributor of Renault Truck in 2018. This name has a long history in Iraq, with a big fleet of trucks for the government and private sector. The assembly line of Renault trucks was also activated and resumed with an assembling capacity of 10 tracks per day. Al-Sadeq Group was always close from Renault trucks customers by arranging several mobile workshops with a well trained technicians.  

Production process

Al-Sadeq Group member of boards released the need to construct an assembly line for BESTUNE to make use of the exemption create new job opportunities and make vehicles more affordable)