• Al-Sadeq Group is the distributor for the following brands:
  1. Renault Trucks – French Company 
  2. Rosenbauer – Firefighting & Fire Services, Austrian Company
  3. JCB – Construction Equipment
  4. Kobleco – Japanese Company
  5. Mecalac – British Company
  6. Clark Forklifts

Renault Trucks:

Renault is a French commercial truck and military vehicle manufacturer with corporate headquarters at Saint-Priest near Lyon. Originally part of Renault, it has been a subsidiary of Volvo since 2001.

From its beginnings in 1978 to 2002, the company was called Renault Véhicules Industriels (Renault Industrial Vehicles), from 1992 on officially written as Renault V. I... Until 1999, Renault Vehicles Industries also manufactured buses.

A New line of Renault Trucks vehicles (C, D, K, T) which were introduced through 2013 replacing the previous models.

Al-Sadeq Group appointed as the exclusive distributor of Renault Truck in 2018.

Mobile Workshop

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Rosenbauer Firefighting vehicles and Equipment:

The Rosenbauer Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire service and fire fighting vehicles with headquarters in Leonding, Austria. Rosenbauer supplies the firefighting sector in more than 100 countries with a wide range of fire and rescue equipment and services. Wide range of firefighting and America

The company also sold fencing, sports and stadium equipment. Konrad Rosenbauer took over in 1888, a turning point from which to manufacture firefighting equipment. After moving to a larger location, the company replaced its name

 By K. Rosenbauer & Kneitschel, Fabrik für Lösch- und Wehrgerät und Metallwaren. .

In 1908 Rosenbauer began producing gas pumps. The first fire truck was built in 1918. In 1926, the new Automobilspritzengesellschaft Lohner & Rosenbauer shipped its first vehicles to China. From 1930 onwards, Rosenbauer could also begin developing its two-way engines.

Al-Sadeq Group has made the agreement with Rosenbauer in 2016 to be the distributor of Firefighting vehicles and Equipment in Iraq.


The story of JCB is one of innovation, ambition and sheer hard work. From small beginnings building agricultural tipping trailers in 1945, to the global force in manufacturing the company has become today, JCB has constantly pushed the boundaries in our desire to be the best. Now JCB has 22 plants on four continents and more than 750 dealers around the world.

These are exciting times. In just 75 years JCB have gone from one man in a garage in Uttoxeter to major global brand renowned for its pioneering spirit. All of this is down to JCB team– a 11,000-strong worldwide force that makes up the JCB family we are so proud of. Our achievements over the past 75 years have been considerable, but JCB believes in always looking ahead to the next development, the next level of success. As we speak, JCB is continuing to innovate and push the boundaries in research and development; in particular within the area of sustainability, where energy costs and emissions are becoming an increasingly important purchasing consideration. Many of JCB customers will need to reinvent their businesses to meet new building standards and emissions legislation, and we will be there to support them every step of the way, as we have always been. Al-Sadeq Group signed the contract with JCB recently to be the Exclusive distributer in IRAQ.

Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.  :

Kobelco is a Japanese company. Its head quarter situated in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo and Saeki-ku, Hiroshima. The company was founded in October 1, 1999. The key people of the company Kazuhide Naraki, is the President and CEO of the company. Kobelco develop, manufacture, sales, and service of construction and transport machinery.

 In 1930, the 50K shovel (1.5m3), the first such construction machine manufactured in Japan. In 1953, the first 10KT (6t) and 20KT (10t) truck cranes manufactured in Japan. In 1954, the 220A diesel pile hammer, the first such product manufactured in Japan. In 1962, the Kobe Steel Construction Machinery Training Center opens at the Okubo Factory.

n 1963, Yutani Heavy Industries, Ltd. produces the TY45, the first wheel-type hydraulic excavator manufactured in Japan. In 1967, the H208 (0.3m3), the first crawler-type hydraulic excavator to be produced using Kobelco’s proprietary technology, is manufactured.

In 1977, Yutani Heavy Industries, Ltd. develops a static hydraulic fracturing nibbler. In 1980, Yutani Heavy Industries, Ltd. produce Japan’s first vehicle dismantling machinery equipped with a fixed nibbler. In 1987, “SK-New MARKII” series of hydraulic excavators is introduced. In 1987, Kobelco Construction Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. is established.

In 1989, the RK70M/RK70, Japan’s first small-sized rough-terrain crane, is introduced. In 1996, the “Beetle” series of short rear tail swing mini excavators is launched. In 1999, the Construction Machinery Division of Kobe Steel, Ltd. is merged with Yutani Heavy Industries Ltd. and Kobe Steel Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to form Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

In 2000, a business alliance is formed with Tadano Ltd. for the purpose of manufacturing wheel-type cranes. In 2004, Excavator operations and crane operations are split into separate businesses, and Kobelco Cranes Co., Ltd. is established (wholly owned by Kobe Steel, Ltd.). In 2011, the G and S series of crawler cranes are introduced. In 2012, the SK200H, a hybrid hydraulic excavator in the 20t class, is introduced. In 2016, Kobelco Construction Machinery and Kobelco Cranes merged their management organizations to form Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Al-Sadeq Group has been chosen to be the distributor of Kobelco Construction Machinery equipment in Iraq since 2018.

The MECALAC Group offers a wide range of innovative compact construction equipment for today’s urban construction sites:

MECALAC’s aim is to offer compact class construction equipment with superior performance concerning flexibility, speed and process innovation. Almost all products are designed for 3D compactness and optimized attachment- and tool carrier. MECALAC products are designed for highest fuel efficiency and environmental protection, whereby we intentionally optimize the application processes of our users. Good examples are the multi functionality of most of our products to reduce the number of machines at the construction site and the Swing Loader concept to significantly reduce maneuvering operations at the worksite.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in France, in Germany, in the UK and in Turkey. We apply with good reasons a high integration of manufacturing. Robot assisted steel fabrication as well as manufacturing of turning joints and cylinders are part of our in house manufacturing processes.

The company has a leading position with Mobile Excavators in France and received numerous patents, design- and innovation awards. Based on a strong culture in the company, we motivate our employees to always decide in favor of: 

Quality – Reliability – Trustworthiness – Reactivity

Al-Sadeq Group became the distributor of Mecalac in Iraq in 2018.

Clark Material Handling Company (CMHC), stylized as CLARK, is an American manufacturer of forklift trucks based in Lexington, Kentucky. The company has a production plant in Chang won, South Korea. Clark currently (2018) offers some 304 different models, there are some 350,000 Clark forklift trucks currently in operation around the world,

Clark is credited with having invented the world’s first truck with a hydraulic lifting mechanism in 1920, the Truclift, the forerunner to modern forklift Trucks. The Company started as a manufacturer of transmissions and axles for the automobile industry. Since 2003, Clark has been owned by the Young an Hat Company of Korea, Al-Sadeq Group signed the contract with CLARK recently to be the Exclusive distributer in IRAQ.

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