General Company for Light Industries

This giant group is expanding to cover all the needs of the Iraqi market reaching the manufacture of home appliances AL SADEQ GROUP owns the General Company for Light Industries, which covers many home appliances These production lines spreads over an area of 435 000 m 2 It is worth saying that these production lines are of the high quality advanced types of home appliances distributed In Iraq, where the most popular international brands compete not only with quality and performance but also with prices Here are some of our devices produced locally in the General Company for Light Industries:
Vertical refrigerators , Vertical freezers , Horizontal freezers , Refrigerators , Washing machines , Cookers , Air conditioners , Heaters , Kerosene heaters , Electric heaters , Air coolers

Iraqi Carton Industry Company

In line with the vast expansion of Al-Sadeq Group, we had conducted wide market researches; as a result, a demanding need of paper carton in the Iraqi market emerged; therefore, operating this specialized industrial company came to action, to produce various types of carton, with a high production capacity of 26,000 ton annually.
This company’s factories were built on a land spreading over a 150,000 m2 in Baghdad – Al- Zafaraniya area, in which it produces carton for egg holders, water, juices, soft drinks, dates and many other products. Including 3 layers and 5 layers carton; to crown these efforts by covering one of the supporting aspects of the local market, and pioneer in that field too.

General Company for Chemical and Rubber Industries

Al-Sadeq Group always had a continuous watch over the market, while conducting feasibility studies in order to lift up the industrial and commercial situation in our beloved country.
This Company has 3 Factories:

  1. Plastic Goods Factory. The factory has a 50 injection machines with a working capacity varying from 0.25 to 30 KG.
  2. Sponge Factory. It is the largest factory in the Middle East with an area of 60,000 square meters.
  3. Factory for agriculture plastic sheets and plastic bags, which covers the demand of the whole country. It is located on an area of 550,000 square meters. It goes without saying that Al-Sadeq Group pioneered in this field too.