• The deep – rooted company which is owned by Dr. Ahmed S. Raheem has passed through more than four decades in various fields in our cherished country. Synchronous all the challenging circumstances like wars, economic depression and trading crises
  • As it known our community constitutes the neediest environment for operative efforts in order to achieve an revolution to get huge strides toward prosperous future
  • Our professional staff consists of bright experts who are working hard to change the current economic condition on all aspects, such as the industrial sphere.
  • We have established two assembly production lines to passenger vehicles. In addition to several production lines for electronic, electric products, and home appliances, AL SADEQ GROUP also owns the biggest companies of hatchery, slaughterhouses, and food items production, etc.
  • Moreover, AL SADEQ GROUP also covers many other fields such as construction, banking, currencies trading, and importation of various goods.
  • AL SADEQ GROUP remains main provider to the Iraqi Government for vehicles, trucks and heavy